If you are looking for quick results, paid advertisements are better than product listings. when I say advertisements, It means the Paid web Advertisements which includes Adwords (by Google), Facebook ads, YouTube ads etc. these advertisements helps you to build your brand in very short time.

When you consider the long term business growth, in my opinion it is always better to consider the Product Listing on the web directories like us, as many of them are free services (such as this one or at least pay one time (in the beginning). Unlike the web-advertisements, once you made the listing about your business, it is permanent. web advertisement needs money for each click they generate for your business (website) or each time when they show your banner.

Most of the listings includes a link to your business, which helps search engines to categories your business website and include in the search result page. 

In these days, web advertisements are not efficient as many of the browsers (or its add-on) block advertisements. in the same time, the product listing in any directory cannot be blocked as they are the contents not ads.

So, when you consider brand building, go for web directory listing (Publish your business) its worth of money (worth of time - in the case of directsupplier - as we are free service :-)   )

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